Barry and Penarth Model Railway Club

Club Layouts

The club currently has the following fixed layouts on display in the clubrooms:
Layout 1: Holton General
An extensive fixed OO gauge (4mm:ft) layout

Layout 2: Cadoc Bluffs
A fixed American HO gauge (3.5mm:ft) layout
This layout has been dismantled to allow access for window replacement, and is not being replaced at present.

Layout 3: Tafsil
A large part fixed, part portable O gauge (7mm:ft) layout
A number of the tank engines of South Wales origin seen on Tafsil are illustrated on suplementary pages
This layout have now been dismantled completely, as has the double track tail=chaser.

Layout 4: Machynlleth
An extensive N Gauge (2mm:ft) scale model of this mid-Wales station as it was in the 1950's. This has recently been refurbished and a new photographic backscene added.
Additionly, the club owns the following portable exhibition layouts:
Layout 6: Penthar Bay
A portable OO gauge (4mm:ft) layout

Layout 9: Porthiain
A portable O gauge (7mm:ft) shunting layout
This layout has been stripped back to the baseboard and track and has been rebuilt, with the existing trackwork, but motorised points and new scenery. It remains a shunting puzzle layout.

Layout 14: Walker's Ridge
American/Canadian HO 3.5mm scale
Brian's Scoulding's memorial to Bill Walker, donated to the club on Brian's death. Now extended with an additional board, incorporating a typical american 'wye' formation, and replacement fiddle yard/turntable. It operates to a timetable and is designed essentially as a shunting layout.

Sip & Switch A small American shunting layout, built by former club member Keith, who died a few years ago of cancer. It was acquired by another member who has now donated it to the club as another memorial layout. The puzzle is set for each running sequence at random by computer, requiring the full concentration of the operator to complete.

Wylam Park a new N-gauge layout set in the present time.

The Kingswell Fairground
An extensive model fairground and street scene which was a generous gift from the late Ray Kingswell. Although not strictly a model railway, this model is available for exhibition. A section of the fairground is now used as an active backscene for SCHARPS Park.

A section devoted to the club's member's individual layouts is available here.

A section devoted to former club and/or members layouts is available here.